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The Giant Tactical Freestyle Knee Pads were created for the all around paintball player, with extreme focus on weight. Many players time after time explain how their lack of movement and freedom limits their ability to play the game. So when we designed the Giant Tactical Freestyle Collection we focused extremely hard on creating the most unique, durable, and light weight products on the market. The Giant Tactical Freestyle Knee Pads offer the best freedom of movement with light-weight, pre-molded padding, and double Velcro straps for ultimate fit. The Freestyle Knee Pads are also lined with anti-sweet material, and breathable material. The Freestyle Knee Pads will ensure the player ultimate protection while maintaining the ability to move freely and not be constricted by bulky materials, and over-designed products. The Giant Tactical Freestyle Knee Pads the highest level or protection and comfort one can have in paintball arm pads.



  • Non-Restrictive movement padding
  • Absorbs impact in crucial bone and joint locations
  • Anti-Sweat inner lining


Available in S/M & L/XL 

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